STRP, a brand new festival in an incredible space. The first edition of the STRP Festival took place from the 24th till the 26th of March 2006 in the former industrial area of Philips. You can see here the project Cockroach Lounge of Debbie does Art.

The Cockroach Lounge projects these virtual bugs on a playing field. Once visitors step foot on the field, the cockroaches walk away. If one of them falls in the virtual hole in the middle of the field a film begins and more surprises follow.

Aside from the interactive media game, visitors can also enjoy the space itself. Relax on the specially designed benches and enjoy the spectacle unfolding before your eyes.


STRP, a brand new festival in an incredible space. The first edition of the STRPFestival took place from the 24th till the 26th of March 2006 in the former industrial area of Philips; Strijp-S. Numerous technological innovations took place atStrijp-S in the 20th century. For example, think of cassettes and CDs.

STRP is an unique festival at the intersection of art, technology and popular culture,bringing in elements from all art disciplines. Robots alongside DJ’s, lectures alongside interactive installations, cinema live shows. STRP uses these powerful aspects of artand technology to draw content into an approachable multidisciplinary pop festival. All this during three days from early in the afternoon till late at night.

STRP has formulated four themes for the festival that will shape the relationshipbetween popular culture, art and technology into a provocative whole. Each theme is looked at from different angles and disciplines. Existing works will be shown as wellas works conceived especially for the festival.

We are the Robots; focusing on a number of internationally renowned artistswho work in the field of robotics.
Press ‘Start’; gaming, interactive installations and playful art works, in which thepublic can take an active role in the experience and realization of the work.
Nu-Live; new forms of live electronic music performance where the special attentionis paid to the performative aspect. One of the important program components in this theme is Live Cinema: a new way to present live image and sound within oneperformance.
RE- or 'the inheritance'; using the rich history of this area as a starting point forartistic experiences.

STRP is based in the technological area of Eindhoven. Strijp-S, the characteristicindustrial inheritance from Philips, forms the cradle of this region. On this spot revolutionary inventions which have had an enormous impact on several art forms,were realized. Electronic music composer Dick Raaijmakers completed the first electronic music album almost 50 years ago at Strijp-S. His work will be remixed byrenown contemporary musicians from different scenes. The result of it is brought out on cd before the festival.

The important “Klokgebouw” (Clock building), with its impressive past and industrialirradiation, on Strijp-S forms the perfect setting for the festival. In four enormous halls you find a wonderful mix of state of the art robots, interactive installations,cutting edge video clips, refreshing live cinema, multimedia theatre, film premieres, thorough presentations, international top dj’s and live acts and many others.

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